Updates on Simucube’s RMA processes, Customer Support, and Quality of Service

To offer our valued customers a good experience in dealing with Simucube and Granite Devices, we have upgraded our Support team.

Ensuring the continuation of our high-quality processes in the constantly growing sim racing business, the Simucube Team has taken a step forward and rebuilt and upgraded the support team to provide a better RMA method and other customer support cases.

One significant example of this process has been introducing new customer service management solutions to enable faster first-hand support with modern technology. No more lost emails or delayed social media messages. We are also rebuilding our website to offer a better experience for new and old racers.

A dedicated Support Team has been founded to take the best possible care of first-hand support cases. The goal is to provide our customers, you the racers, with efficient first-hand support and, according to the nature of the case, each case will be forwarded to and handled by the right professional.

Solutions for a faster RMA process are also on the agenda. The aim is to provide our RMA customers with the best possible help with no wasted time from racing.

These are just examples of how we have been upgrading our business behind the curtains. Our utmost wish is to provide you, our drivers, the best possible experience on the race-track and the pit-lane.

Keep on Racing!

Team Simucube

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