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Our brandstore delivers to countries within the EU and to the USA.

You can check out what our brandstore has to offer in sections “Activepedal, Steering wheels and Pedals”. At least all these products are compatible with our wheelbases. They also have the SC Quick Release Wheel Side kit included. Here is a more in-depth list of the requirements as well:

All wheels that are compatible with 50.4 mm or 70 mm bolt pattern are compatible with our Simucube Quick Release. Other bolt patterns are possible with 3rd party adapters.

Electrical interface:
All USB-based wheels are compatible.
All Simucube Wireless Wheels are compatible.
All other Wireless Wheels are compatible if they work with a standalone receiver on PC (e.g., Bluetooth or that are supplied with their own USB receiver) and do not require a wheelbase with that particular manufacturer.

All pedals that can connect to PC via USB directly or via an adapter are compatible.
Simucube ActivePedals are compatible.
All pedals that connect to the wheelbase via the Accessory Port are compatible.

Our orders are handled promptly. If you place an order before 12pm (EET) it will be shipped within the same day, if you place an order after 12pm (EET), the order will ship the next day. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact our customer support via email or submit a ticket and we’ll check the status of your order and instruct you further.

Kindly contact our Support team by submitting a ticket or sending us an e-mail

We have many reliable re-sellers that ship worldwide. Check out our re-sellers in

Racing games and simulators that utilize Microsoft’s DirectInput API.

These games include but are not limited to:

  • F1 2021
  • Project Cars 2
  • Dakar Desert Rally
  • GTR
  • GTR 2
  • Kart Racing Pro
  • KartKraft
  • Live For Speed
  • Nascar Racing 4/2002/2003
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience
  • Richard Burns Rally
  • WRC9, WRC10, WRC Generations
  • Rennsport

These games do not have DirectInput controller support and will not work:

  • Forza Motorsport games
  • Forza Horizon games

No. Our products are compatible with PC only.

Depending on the topic you want to discuss with us, here is a list of our contact information:

  • Support:
  • Marketing:
  • Recruitment & career:
  • Media contact & press:

We offer the following payment methods:

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Klarna (Country specific)

Yes! we have several partners across the globe that have showrooms where you can go and physically test our products. Find them here:

You will receive a shipping confirmation email after placing your order. If you do not, or if anything is unclear, please contact support with your order number and we will provide the tracking link.

  • EU brandstore: If all products are in stock and the order has been made before 12pm Finnish time, the order will ship the same day.
  • US brandstore: If all products are in stock, the order will depart the warehouse either the same day, or the next.

We offer 30-day free returns. For more information, please check our return policy page here:

The Simucube Ultimate and the Simucube ActivePedal both have 5 years worth of warranty. The rest have 2 years warranty

Simucube ActivePedal Primary Set has a power supply and contains a new product called the Simucube Link. 

The Add-on is missing these two essential parts for the Simucube ActivePedal to work. 

A set of Simucube ActivePedals only requires one power supply and one Simucube Link, which is why there is a Primary Set and an Add-on pedal.

Your first ActivePedal should always be a Primary Set, and any additional ActivePedals in the same rig will be Add-on pedals.

Yes, all steering wheels sold in the Simucube store include the Quick Release.

It is not entirely needed if your aluminum profile rig can mount the Simucube ActivePedal, but it is recommended for the best ergonomic experience.

You can use any wheel with 5x70mm mounting.

Simucube Mount is meant for attaching the wheelbase to your rig. Check the drilling template here. Then compare it to your rigs attaching possibilities. Our wheelbases cause quite a lot of stress to the rig so please make sure that your rig can sustain it. 

We don’t provide discounts. The only discounts available are if we run a promotion or our bundles.

Yes. You can pay with Klarna through our brandstore. Klarna needs to perform their own internal credit, which means that in some situations, they may not grant you the loan to place your order.

Our products are designed with industrial level of precision, durability and quality. Most of our products are built out of solid CNC aluminum and undergo many stress and quality tests before we bring them to market. We do this because we believe that products need to be able to sustain consistent daily use for many years.

Furthermore, our products are produced in Europe where living wages are paid to employees in the factory.