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Simucube ActivePedal is the world’s first digitally adjustable force feedback racing simulator pedal with complete motor control for people who want competitive and realistic racing simulator feedback.

It is a very consistent muscle memory development tool, gives endless upgrades to any pedal through the software, and allows you to feel exactly what the race car drivers feel – all from your own home setup.


Effects not seen before in sim racing


Why upgrade to ActivePedals?

Pedal technique is your most critical skill you need to develop to keep the car in balance, and steer it out of the corners fast. Now your muscle memory has a 100% consistent tool to fit your driving style and skill development.


Race immediately with pedal profiles by professionals

Couple examples of pedal profiles available with Simucube ActivePedal

GT3 Profile

Imitate the realistic feeling of the Mercedes-AMG GT3 Evo (2023)


Daniel Morad

Pedal set-up

2x Simucube ActivePedal



Brake pedal

Throttle pedal

Formula Profile

Imitate the realistic feeling of formula car


Heikki Kovalainen

Pedal set-up

2x Simucube ActivePedal



Brake pedal

Throttle pedal

Feel the steps in real-life

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Making sim racing revolution again

How was it created?

For over two years, we poured our expertise in industrial systems and motor control into creating a revolutionary pedal. This Force Feedback pedal, crafted from superior materials and the latest in electronics and mechanics, sets now a new standard for pedals.

Featuring an active force feedback loop, integrated motor, and superior software algorithm, this pedal adapts to simulate any brake, throttle, or clutch.

Its performance has made it the choice of top race car drivers globally. Now you can experience the same precision and realism in your sim racing setup.

Why Simucube? We understand passion and have the skills for it. Simucube hardware is designed for those who demand the best from their racing simulator rig. We did it for the Direct Drive wheelbases. Now it was the right time for pedals.

Enough of us.

Here are the video reviews.

“Those are the best pedals ever produced for sim racing use. There’s no question about it.”
– Race Beyond Matter

“I’m absolutely amazed by these pedals. I think it’s so cool that finally finally finally finally a manufacturer did something new and unique in the pedal world.”
– Dan Suzuki

“Yes, they are absolutely fantastic pedals. They’re easily the best pedals that I’ve ever used.”
– Will Ford, Boosted Media

Time to activate your pedals

Which step do you take?

The value pack


with Heuskinveld adapters

Buy ActivePedal as a brake pedal, and physical adapters to accompany it with your current Heusinkveld Ultimate or Sprint pedals.

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ActivePedal & Throttle

with baseplate

The optimal setup of Simucube pedals. Get ActivePedal as a brake, the very solid Simucube passive Throttle pedal and upgrade more in the future.

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The ultimate experience

All-in ActivePedals

with baseplate

Get the full ActivePedal experience with fully configurable brake, clutch and throttle pedals. The experience doesn’t get any better than this.

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What do ActivePedal buyers think?

After over 11 years in the hobby, it’s rare for something to come along and blow me away. Direct Drive did that 8 years ago when it burst on the scene. These are a bigger deal than that was.

– Matt Smith

I installed an AP as brake on my F1 motion rig and now I can finally experience what it feels like in a F1 car (Kovalainen’s profile). Spoiler – it feels like pushing on a wall 😀 I’m running the passive throttle and I’m very pleased with my pedals.

– Björn Båsk

If you got the money to get them (and they are expensive) you should convince the wife and get them, you won’t regret it. Build quality is top notch, they feel and are super high-tech. They add to realism, immersion and most importantly, improve lap times.

– David

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Step deeper


The ActivePedal experience

What makes Simucube ActivePedal different from other sim racing pedals?

It is the worlds first digitally adjustable Force Feedback pedal with complete motor control. Customers have described it as the Direct Drive of pedals — and to be an even bigger thing than Direct Drive wheelbases were.

Can the ActivePedal be used by both beginners and professional sim racers?

It can, but we recommend to first have a strong dedication to the simulation use, since we consider them as a long-time investment. It will most likely be the last sim racing pedal you will ever need. You will also need a rigid simulator chassis to house it, since it is also one of the heaviest and longest pedals in the market.

How does the ActivePedal enhance my sim racing experience?

It completely changes the adjustability, immersion and development possibilities for simulation pedals. You now have the most consistent racing skill development pedal, you can upgrade to any pedal only through software with couple of clicks, share profiles, deliver your pedal feel to others, and feel what real race car drivers feel in their pedals.

How does the ActivePedal technology improve skill development in sim racing?

It provides one of the most constant platforms for muscle memory training without decading elastomers or other physical wear. You can also tweak pedal behaviour to give you feedback when you reach certain pedal travel points. It’s the one of most versatile tools available for racing skill development.

As a real race car driver you can also learn the pedal feels of the classes you are evolving into before you have ever driven them in real-life.

How does the Simucube ActivePedal contribute to a more immersive sim racing experience?

It brings you closer to the racing action. You can take actual race car profiles made by real race car drivers. If you need more feeling, you can make the ABS, traction control, RPM or any other effect or movement to feel stronger — or lighter, if they feel too excessive.

Can I adjust the pedal resistance and feedback to match real-world cars?

Yes you can. Any car.

Can I adjust the pedal resistance and feedback to match sim racing pedals?

Yes you can.

Compatibility and setup

Is Simucube ActivePedal compatible with my existing sim racing setup?

It works with most standard rigid sim racing rigs and PC/Windows games. You might need extra space in front of your rig since the pedal is longer than most passive pedals.

Can I use the ActivePedal for all types of racing games?

Pedal movement and feel is supported in every racing game that has PC/Windows controller device support. Effect support depends on the game software you are using. You can see the current effects from the ActivePedal compatibility list.

How do I set up and calibrate the ActivePedal?

It has simple manual setup with easy installing instructions, and intuitive built-in calibration in the Simucube Tuner software.

Are there any software requirements or updates needed for the ActivePedal?

Simucube Tuner software is needed to use the pedal. We provide constant software and firmware updates for the customers that enhance the experience of all of our customers.

Can the ActivePedal settings be customized for different user preferences?

Yes. It is fully adjustable for individual preferences too. Changing profiles takes couple of seconds.

How does the feedback from the ActivePedal compare to real-life driving?

It’s one of the closest experiences of a real pedal feel you can get in a simulation. You can match the feel of your own car, or your old sim racing pedals, and share them with others, if you want.

Are there any professional sim racers who recommend the Simucube ActivePedal?

Yes. Team Redline has used as their go-to-pedals since the beginning of 2024. They have also been part of the development for some of the competitive features.


What is the price of Simucube ActivePedal?

Most affordable version is to buy one for a brake and accompany your existing Heusinkveld Sport pedal with an adaptor kit. Check current prices from 

Where can I buy the Simucube ActivePedal, and do you ship internationally?

Best place to buy the ActivePedal in EU or US is through online brand store. Other countries and markets are served by our resellers.

How does the ActivePedal handle wear and tear from regular use?

ActivePedals have been designed for endurance and heavy use by Simucube engineers. There are no wearing parts by design.

How durable is the ActivePedal, and what is its lifespan?

We had to manufacture ActivePedal from the highest durability components to ensure that it works as intended. It is built to last.

What warranty does Simucube offer for the ActivePedal?

ActivePedal comes with 5 year warranty.

How can I get support if I have issues with my ActivePedal?

We are known of our exceptionally premium customer support, but also our Discord community shares this friendly and helpful culture. You can issue a ticket when ever there is need, or ask something from Simucube Discord even now. Welcome!


Racers in all racing classes use our gear

We value our partnerships, ranging from long-term collaborations to one-time sponsorships, as well as essential reviewers who provide valuable feedback for our development and success.

Antonio Giovinazzi / Le Mans winner

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar legend

Mika & Max Salo / Former F1 driver and GT driver

Crimsix / Motorsports driver, former Esports Champion

Team Redline / Sim racing team

Heikki Kovalainen / F1 & rally driver

Daniel Morad / GT driver

Charlie Martin / GT Driver

Feel the steps in real-life

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