Announcing Partnership with Team Redline

Simucube in partnership with Team Redline


Simucube is proud to announce partnership with Team Redline!

As every fraction of a second counts for the professional Team Redline drivers, it is only natural to choose what is proven to be the enabler of shorter lap times, Simucube 2 Ultimate wheelbase. To add on the list of high-quality equipment, The Team will also be equipped with Simucube 2 Pro.


“We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Simucube for 2021, not only do Simucube have a great engineering pedigree, they also have a shared vision on our collaboration”

– Atze Kerkhof


The collaboration between Simucube and Team Redline is highly valuable for us and the whole community, as feedback from professional drivers helps us to constantly improve and progress.

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