Simucube Valo GT-23

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Item Quantity
1 Simucube Valo GT-23 1 pc
2 USB Type-C charging cable 1 pc
3 Torx T-10 L-wrench 1 pc
4 Quick Start Guide 1 pc

Software & User guide

The Simucube Valo GT-23 wheel is supported by the Simucube Tuner. Download the latest version of the Simucube software from here
The user guide for the Simucube software can be found here.


Note: Do not use the wheel while charging to avoid damaging the cable or the connector.

To charge the wheel, connect the USB Type-C charging cable to the wheel and a USB power source. The LED indicator will turn green when charging and switch off when fully charged.

Charge time from empty to full is approximately 4 hours.

See above for fault codes. If the LED indicator is red, the wheel is not charging. Check the cable and the connector for damage and try again.


To adjust the wheel, use the Torx T-10 L-wrench to loosen the screws on the back of the wheel. Adjust the wheel to your preferred distance and tighten the screws.


This product has a 24-month limited warranty.
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Manufacturer information

Granite Devices Oy

Visiokatu 3

FI-33720 Tampere


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