Pedal feel

When the ActivePedal is correctly configured, the main adjustment window is seen.

ActivePedal provides unlimited adjustment and configuration to help sim racers define pedals as per their preference and needs. The Tuner software allows for on-the-fly adjustability so you can tune and test in realtime.

Pedal feel

1 — Force curve

The force which is felt on the pedal on travel range is adjusted by adjusting the force curve. Move each node as desired and once you release a node, you can test the force on-the-fly.

ActivePedal employs a virtual, software driven end-stop to ensure that each pedal cannot be pushed beyond its limits.

2 — Pedal travel

Below the force curve, the pedal travel slider allows you to define the maximum physical pedal travel range. Once changed, the force curve is then adjusted to this range.

The travel is calculated from the center of the pedal face and it follows a circular circumference.

3 — Curve maximum force

Right of the force curve, the maximum force slider defines the maximum pressure required to reach the top of the force curve as per the grid.

4 — Preload

Left of the force curve, the preload slider defines the minimum force required to actually move the pedal from the default rest position. Preload is typically used to allow your foot to rest on the pedal without the pedal moving or activating game input.

One method to set preload is to rest your feet on the pedal and raise the preload until pedal is in the rest position.

5 — Curve presets

On top of the force curve there is curve-preset buttons which set the force curve in a predefined way. These only adjust the force curve and do not affect on travel or force settings.

  • Linear
  • Squared
  • S-curve
  • Logarithmic A
  • Logarithmic B
  • Logarithmic C

6 — End stop feeling

These options change how the pedal handles reaching either end of movement range. Soft feeling will try to limit movement smoothly and not stop pedal as abruptly as the other options. It is also most quiet option. Hard end stop feeling will stop the pedal more precisely and quickly to the configured limits.

Passive effects

Passive effects mean the effects which modify how the pedal feel. These are not game effects and therefore work in all cases.

7 — Damping

Damping removes the “springiness” from the pedal feel by resisting fast changes in velocity.

8 — Friction

Friction gives “sticky” feel when pedal starts moving. The strength means how much friction feel there is. This passive effect is usually used in throttle.

9 — Import

Pedal feel from an existing profile can be imported from a “hamburger” menu which is at the top right corner of the Pedal feel -section. By importing feel from profile; the travel, maximum force, force curve, preload, damping and simulation input mapping will change.