ActivePedal mounting

ActivePedal is mounted to the rig or baseplate by clamping it down by 4 to 6 pcs of M5 theaded screws with washers.

For ActivePedal footprint dimensions, see specifications.


Minimum of four (4) screws must be used in clamping, but use all six (6) if possible. Tighten screws to sufficient torque (~2 Nm).

If you’re limited using four (4) screws and you can choose which ones to use, then prefer to use the front side and the back side screw holes of the pedal. This likely yields stiffer installation which in turn helps the dynamic performance and reduces the chance of oscillation.

Mounting with Simucube Baseplate

Simucube Baseplate is a optional accessory that provides easy mounting, adjustability and comfort when using certain pedals.

For more info and assembly instructions, see Simucube Baseplate.

Mounting directly to the rig

ActivePedal may be mounted also without Baseplate directly to the rig. Installation method depends on the rig model and construction. Most common methods are illustrated below.

Mounting on slotted profile with T nuts

Mounting on through-hole plate