Throttle Damper instructions

What’s inside the package

Item Qty
1. Damper 1 pc
2. Fastener kit
    – M5x22 allen head bolt
    – M5x30 allen head bolt
    – M5 washer
1 pc
1 pc
2 pc
3. Allen key, 4mm 1 pc
4. Spacer kit
    – Front 4mm
    – Rear 13mm
1 pc
1 pc

How to adjust the damper

To adjust the damper, push the rod to either inwards or pull outwards against the end stop. Keep slightly pushing/pulling the rod and you should feel it attaching to the bypass valve screw, which adjusts the damping rate. By turning the screw clockwise the damping rate increases and vice versa. The screw should move quite easily and excessive force should NOT be used, if the screw does not move any further.


If the damping rate is adjusted to maximum, the damper can be really difficult to move! This should be avoided and if excessive force is used, the damper can be locked in place.

How to install the damper

The damper is bolted, rod end rearwards to the Throttle subframe and lever. Bolts, spacers and washers are installed as shown in the picture below. The bolts are then fastened to place with the allen key included in the package.