Before you buy

Which rigs are compatible with Throttle?

Rig compatibility depends just on mechanical fitting and mounting, which means that nearly all rigs are compatible at least with some installation effort. To get an idea, see Mounting.

Does Simucube Throttle work with other pedal sets

No. Simucube Throttle is intended to be used with ActivePedal and does not work with other pedal sets.

Can Simucube Throttle be used as stand-alone input device

No. Simucube Throttle does not come with USB hub and has to be connected to ActivePedal in order to operate.

Does Simucube Throttle require also the Simucube BasePlate item?

No. Simucube BasePlate is designed to make installation easier, enhance ergonomics wiht foot rest, and add adjustability. For list of required items, see Items needed.

Are ActivePedal and Throttle pedal faces interchangeable?

Yes. The Throttle and ActivePedal share identical dimensions for their pedal face attachments, allowing for interchangeability of pedal faces between the two.