Simucube Premium Torque off button


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Premium Simucube 2 Torque off-button, for those who want the best to complement their rig.


The Simucube Premium torque off button, upgrade for your Simucube 2 Sport and Pro R1 & R2 versions. An essential piece of hardware on professional level simracing platform if software encounters an issue; easy and elegant way to cut of the power from the wheelbase and reset the situation.
Features also bright LED to indicate the power status of your Simucube 2 unit and on/off switch.

Made from durable aluminum and slots for screws to integrate the device to your Simracing chassis.

Comes with detachable cable

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Weight 0,36 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 7 cm

Customer Reviews

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Julien Dupont
Simucube Premium Torque off button

Button of very good quality and really very useful... however really disappointed that the fixing system is really not suitable for rig in aluminum profile... and no fixing system provided despite the consequent price...

Don't waist your money

Product arrive without manual, with out any screw. You need to found out your self what screw do you need and you have to do your own research to found out what they should provide. So disappointed and definitely not worthed 132,98 Euro. Once attached to simucube its just floating around as you cannot put it anywhere on your rig. Probably we have to glue it somewhere. At this level I was really not expect this!

Tom Paanakker
Solid kill switch

Solid and sturdy killswitch for simucube. Not easy to mount on a rig but with some woodadjustments it is doable. Pity that this does not come standard with a price wheelbase like that. Switching the base on and off at the back of the base is cumbersome.

Michal R.
Excellent Quality

Perfect addition to my simrig.