Get to Know Your Simucube Partner -series part 8, Augury Simulations

Our trusted network of industry professionals is enabling drivers around the globe to experience Simucube products. We are excited to tell you more about this valuable network by introducing our Official Partners in more detail.

Simucube proudly presents Augury Simulations, one of Simucube’s Official Resellers!

Augury Simulations, Official Reseller of Simucube Direct Drive Force Feedback Wheelbase and other sim racing equipment for simracers and real life racing drivers.

Although our origins date back to the 90s when we had an obsession for two hobbies (“simulators” / cars), our professional adventure really began in late 2014 with the release of Direct Drive OSW technology.

Thanks to our engineering / design understanding and real track experience from which we maintain close collaboration with professional motorsport teams and drivers, we were able to support the growth of the OSW (Argon), SimuCUBE 1 and finally the current SimuCUBE 2.

Our philosophy is based on a clear vocation of customer service, a high degree of specialization and a constant technological evolution (R + D + i), to make this possible we have a cast of professionals from different branches and with a brand collaboration / distribution of SimuCUBE products from Granite Devices.

Inside of our installations we have a showroom enabled for any test that is required, we will be happy to receive you if you want to know us.

Finally remind you that for any help or questions you may have, you can contact us at our email or through our social networks.




Facebook: @augurysimulations

Instagram: @augurysimulations

Twitter: @AugurySim

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