Get to Know Your Simucube Partner -series part 16, SimCraft

Our trusted network of industry professionals is enabling drivers around the globe to experience Simucube products. We are excited to tell you more about this valuable network by introducing our Official Partners in more detail.

Simucube proudly presents SimCraft, one of Simucube’s Official Resellers!

SimCraft is Official Simucube Reseller who creates sim racing motion simulators for simracers, and the racing simulator builds incorporate Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate Direct Drive force feedback wheelbases to bring maximal realism in the racing and motion simulators.SimCraft is a premier racing simulator manufacturer and a worldwide leader in Motion Simulation Technology. With a focus on realism and an unrelenting objective of recreating the feeling of driving an actual racecar, the company’s disruptive motion simulation technology can be linked with any application software.

The primary benefit of SimCraft Motion Technology, is real driving feel, achieved by a unique physics based philosophy that includes independent, mechanically isolated, degrees of freedom, with a central cockpit positioned in zero gravity. This allows the rotational axes of motion (roll, pitch, and yaw) and translational axes of motion (surge, sway, and heave) to behave as real vehicles do in earth gravity. Because every degree of freedom is independent of all the others and are all highly tunable, the experience of driving a SimCraft not only feels more real, but also follows a scientifically correct recreation of vehicle motion.
SimCraft’s APEX racing simulator product line is designed with a unique modular framework allowing for a broad range of price points, and a progressive, axis by axis, technology upgrade path: From 1DOF (YAW) to all 6DOF (FULL MOTION).
Facebook: @simcraft
Instagram: @simcraft
Twitter: @simcraft

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