Press Release: Simucube ActivePedal

Product Reveal: Simucube ActivePedal

Tampere, Finland, 27th of October 2022, Simucube, a premium simulator hardware manufacturer, reveals a never-before-seen high-end force feedback active pedal that uses entirely new technology in the simracing industry. 

Disclaimer: Simucube ActivePedal is still in development and the information now revealed is subject to change.


  • Active force feedback pedal that is designed to last for a lifetime  
  • A clutch, a throttle, and a brake in one design, patent-pending technology
  • Maintenance-free, no parts that wear from use  
  • Less latency than in traditional technologies  
  • A plethora of effects for immersion, if wanted  
  • Good compatibility with most common racing rigs  
  • Presales are estimated to start during Q4 2022, and the pricing will be announced at the same time  


What makes Simucube ActivePedal different?  

It provides real-time control over the simulated cars for the racer and the team.  

Simucube ActivePedal design removes the need for three (3) different types of pedals. The pedal can be configured as a clutch, a throttle, or a brake. Select which pedal type you want your active pedal from the software. Different setups and profiles can be saved in the Simucube software and shared in the cloud.  

You can fully configure the active pedal to your liking, and the software allows a lot of imagination and freedom on how the pedal could feel. For example, you can set how hard or soft the pedal feels, change the linearity of the pedal and even create an air gap with a custom distance for your brake. (You can even add a notch where the pedal locks, which is common in clutches.) All of this is done in real-time while you feel the changes in the pedal.  


To this extent, the Simucube ActivePedal allows new sensations and features not seen in pedals before. FEEL the engine vibrate below your feet and react when you feel ABS activating.   

The use of game telemetry allows a simulation of different effects that are also felt on a real car. For example, motor vibration, ABS, and even the locking of brakes can be felt. The effects are not limited to only real car effects; the telemetry can also be used to create artificial effects in the future.   

The strength and the feel of different effects can be adjusted from minimal to even overwhelming. All the effects can be toggled separately depending on each driver’s needs.    

“We believe the new pedal and technology behind it raise the expectations and standards in the professional racing world and the sim racing community. The product also expands the Simucube ecosystem to a new category.” – Hannu Harju, CEO.


Availability and pricing  

The Simucube ActivePedal will be available globally through Simucube’s respected reseller network and directly from the store. The team will update you on the availability later this year.  

To get the latest information, sign up on our page, and more info about the Simucube ActivePedal can be found on the Simucube ActivePedal page:

Simucube ActivePedal will be live for testing in Simracing Expo 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany 1st to the 4th of December 2022, at the Simucube Booth. 

Simucube is also launching its official Discord


Media inquiries, testing, and contact  

Pekka Mäki-Kuutti, Head Of Marketing


About Simucube  

Simucube is a group of passionate engineers, developers, sim racers, and marketers with a racer’s mindset. We create flagship sim racing products for professional racing teams, esports athletes, and passionate sim racers who want the best.  

We narrow the gap between simulation and the racetrack – and dream to go beyond it – with no compromises in quality or customer experience.  

Simucube headquarters is based proudly in Tampere, Finland


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