Fittipaldi Brothers’ Ultimate Racing Simulator

Enzo and Pietro Fittipaldi Simucube Ultimate Simulator

Simucube x Fittipaldi Brothers

The Ultimate simulator of Enzo and Pietro Fittipaldi is complete, and the F2 and F1 stars have now entered the highest level one can reach with sim racing hardware.

Simucube is all about the Ultimate feeling we deliver for the valued Simucube family. Simucube has a solid mission to do the right thing with the technological expertise we have, enabling our vision to create simulated environments better than real. It is safe to say that we have yet again succeeded in executing our mission, vision, and values and delivering that Ultimate feeling for these two new Simucube family members.

We are happy to offer the best possible sim racing conditions for the Fittipaldi Brothers, and inspire their communities to experience how anyone can become a pro racer.

Watch the Fittipaldi Brothers’ first reaction to the Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel base

-Team Simucube

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