Career story: Vesa Saastamoinen

“We don’t have to compromise” – Head of R&D Vesa Saastamoinen enjoys working with high-quality products

Simucube’s Head of R&D, Vesa Saastamoinen started his work career in audio engineering at the turn of the millennium after graduating with a Master of Science in Technology from Tampere University of Technology. He was motivated by the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology. The company he worked for manufactured audio equipment for, for example, Lucasfilm – a production company best known for iconic franchises such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

“It was all quite high-brow. The company had a truly global outlook – Our client base was exclusively located outside of Finland” Saastamoinen describes.

This sparked Saastamoinen’s interest in high-quality products and cutting-edge technology. After the company changed hands, Saastamoinen decided to pursue new opportunities. He transferred to a company focusing on home theater systems. There he worked for about a decade until he switched to the industrial sector.

Reliability and attitude peaked the interest

The industrial sector had its perks, but after some time Saastamoinen felt he was ready for something new. He came across Simucube’s job post for electronics designer and was intrigued by the company.

“I came across Simucube’s job advertisement and started researching the company. I thought, why not apply, just for fun. I spoke to a Simucube representative a couple of times, and they described the company in a way that really piqued my interest. Apparently, I also sold myself well, because I ended up getting the job” Saastamoinen chuckles.

There were two things that sealed the deal for Saastamoinen. Firstly, he found Simucube’s ownership structure to be solid. Although Simucube is an innovative and startup-minded organization, as a cash-funded company, it came across as stable and reliable. Secondly, Saastamoinen was impressed with Simucube’s executives mindset.

“Attitude is the most important thing. Management and owners want employees to feel happy at work. For example, our supervisor’s sole responsibility is to ensure that all employees have the opportunity to succeed in their work. People here are passionate and excited, so it’s good that superiors make sure people are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

High-quality products create motivating environment

After working a while at Simucube Saastamoinen was promoted as the Head of R&D. His job covers the entire spectrum from product development and planning to strategic management. He conducts technology reviews, explores new technologies, and solves various daily challenges. He is happy to be back in the field of high technology, even though the products are now different.

“I am passionate about technology. My career started in the tech industry, and I love being able to ideate, explore, and find solutions to problems.”

Saastamoinen also feels Simucube’s products are a major reason he likes working there. Quality products create quality work and vice versa.

“Working with high-tech genuinely means there are more resources available for design and implementation. This way, we don’t have to sacrifice quality or make compromises in the implementation. We can truly strive for excellence.”

Simucube’s commitment to high-quality is also evident in the components they choose. Saastamoinen takes pride in that they can carefully select each component to ensure it meets their high standards.

“We use industrial components. Industrial components are designed to last for decades, even if the factory is running 24/7. This means that if we use a similar component in a consumer product that is used for a few hours a day, the product can potentially last for generations.”


Teamspirit is driver behind success

Saastamoinen also believes that launching new products evokes strong feelings of pride. Simucube designs and manufactures everything from products to packaging. This is why the results of one’s work are particularly tangible at Simucube. All this couldn’t be done without open communication and great teamspirit.

“It’s usually best to speak up if you have a problem. That way, someone will always help you to do it successfully. We have very diverse teams with different backgrounds and experiences. When you speak up, someone always comes up with an idea which helps to go forward.”

Saastamoinen emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Great products and great innovations can only be created together.

“Our culture is very open. People don’t hesitate to address problems. They usually come and talk to others, and that’s how we find solutions” Saastamoinen concludes.

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