Stories from the Crew

Marko walking in the mountains

Marko Lepola
Community manager

I joined Simucube in 2021. Though I didn’t know much about sim racing, an already established company in the industry intrigued me enough to join.

I currently develop and manage Simucube’s support, advising, and helping our many customers and collaborators with different problems. Our reputation is excellent, and I plan on keeping it that way in the future. My job requires diplomatic skills and discretion, and I take great pride in that.

Some may take it a bit of a shock how much Simucube values self-direction and how laid back we are. Simucube is the first company I have ever worked for that abides by its stated values and doesn’t put profits over people.

Simucube truly cares about their employees and their well being, and it shows. Working here feels meaningful when you’re trying to make the people as happy as the product is good.

Maria-Teresa Vuotari
Account manager

I am a rally driver, and I wanted to find a job where I could combine my two passions: racing and business. Working as an account manager at Simucube sounded like a dream come true, and after over a year of working, I can say it is.

I am responsible for sales and partner relationships and their development. Sales-related tasks challenge you differently every day, and there are no dull moments. The best thing about this job is talking to partners and clients who are just as excited about the same thing as I am.

A good counterbalance to my work-life is my rally enthusiasm. I started my rally career in my 20’s and I have attended the Rally Junior National Championships and other national series. We aim for the Finnish Championship in the coming years with my new car. Therefore, practicing with Simucube equipped simulators in my off-season keeps my skills fresh. For me, this is the best benefit of working at Simucube.

However, we can’t achieve anything alone in both the rally and at work. There must be a great team ready to work towards a common goal. At Simucube, we have a great team spirit, and together we can ensure that we have a great future as a company.

Actual worktime at the beach

Jani Hilliaho
Software team lead

I wanted to find a company that is still small and occupying a market niche before a significant growth spurt that I could be a part of. Simucube met my expectations, so I landed here in 2017 as a software developer.

After a while, we noticed our workload growing so much that we recruited more developers and I took responsibility for their professional well-being. Currently, we have project managers who handle the day-to-day things, and I’m more involved in the strategy and development aspects. I still spend roughly half of my work time on product development and coding, not just managing other people.

The most exciting thing for me is the ability to be a part of the company’s growth. Exciting technology and a community of competent people are also very appealing. Perks, benefits, culture, and workspaces are top-notch here as well. The company’s and people’s mindset of constant evolution drives home that this is where I want to be.

Simucube supports your growth. We are encouraged to educate ourselves and develop our skills, and we don’t punch the clock here. I’m really happy here.

Tero profile photo

Tero Kontkanen

Company co-founder, Tero Kontkanen, is one of the full-time Simucubians.

Founder’s nature of mind is best described as endlessly curious type. He spends large part of his awaken time (and bed time, too) on armchair theorizing wonders of the world and human nature. After digging thousands of rabbit holes in the search for answers, he has attained a stable values on the importance of treating people with universal principles of love and justice.

In younger years his curiosity was solely directed towards technology and science. In his semi-solo entrepreneur career he designed industrial motor controllers such as IONI and various DIY projects.

Nowadays Tero’s main interest is to find out how much the “business as usual” norms can be challenged and still yield a win-win situation to employees, customers and shareholders. He also works actively in RnD operations.

Employee benefits

  • Flexible working hours and remote work
  • Spacious working environment, old-school walled workrooms and ergonomic workstations
  • Professional tools/software of your choice
  • Phone benefit
  • Trusting and self steering atmosphere
  • Paid 30-minute mid-day stroll daily
  • Bicycle benefit (value max. €3600)
  • Exercise, culture, and wellbeing benefit (€400/year)
  • Extensive health care plan
  • Lunch
  • Commuting
  • All medical appointments paid work time
  • Quality sports items to borrow (padel rackets, SUP boards, snowshoes)
  • Company paid additional education of your choice
  • Space, time, and tools for self development
  • Professional tools and 3D printers for your hobby / DIY projects
  • Access to professional literature of your choice
  • Monthly take-out Friday events at the office
  • Annual rewards from successful work (e.g., extra holiday)
  • Office space and racing simulators available for personal use
  • Recruitment bonus for referrals
  • Thesis bonus for degree students

Employee benefits are subject to develop as we go.

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