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Trust sim racing like never before

Most sim racing equipment is connected via USB. Simucube is here to change that.

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Simucube Link is a great idea that solves some of the most common issues with  sim racing rigs.

“Ground Loops and other EMI related issues will not be a problem anymore when using the ethernet standard that features galvanic isolation. Also using ethernet eliminates USB bandwidth limits (especially when generating bottlenecks with stacked USB controllers).

Another bonus can be that it simplifies cable management – especially when you use multiple switches in different places of your rig.”

– Dan Suzuki, Twitch Streamer & Embedded Systems Engineer at GSI

Simucube link

The future-proof solution

We all love USB, but it has its limitations. Many sim racers face a frustrating issue when connecting their gear via USB. USB, originally designed for keyboards and mice, falls short for demanding sim racing setups. It leads to problems like connectivity issues, lag, and even gear damage due to static electricity.

simucube link

A robust, fast, and secure innovation

Introducing Simucube Link – The Simucube way of connecting your sim racing equipment. Utilizing an ethernet connection rather than USB, Simucube link creates a safe and reliable connection for all your sim racing gear using only one USB port.

Before vs after

Keep your rig safe from power surges

How a setup looks like with Simucube Link.

USB Connected rig
link connected rig


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With Simucube Link, you no longer need to occupy multiple USB ports on your PC and you also eliminate the possibility of any damage caused by electrostatic build up.

Presently, Simucube ActivePedal and Simucube Valo GT-23 utilize Simucube Link technology.

Our future ecosystem will be based on Simucube Link.

No, Simucube 2 users do not need Simucube Link

Simucube Link will be available for sale in 2024.