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News articles Simucube 2 Sport

“The Simucube 2 Sport is an excellent wheelbase and knows how to convince as a complete package with quick-release system and emergency stop. The 17 Newton meters are completely sufficient in most situations, plus the True Drive software offers countless adjustment options.” –

Sim Racing Cockpit Simucube 2 Pro

“Every time I go back to the Simucube I’m delighted. There’s something about the detail – not just the smoothness and the rest of the things most reviewers write. It’s the little details, like when you have a front lock with a steering angle, the wheel will pull slightly in the direction that your wheel is turned as if the tire walls are folding.” – Richard Baxter. Sim Racing Cockpit

G-Performance Simucube 2 Pro

“The Simucube 2 Pro is a really, really nice piece of sim racing gear. It’s among the smoothest and by far the most intuitive wheels I’ve ever driven. The feedback makes a lot of sense and you can really drive accurately and consistently with this wheel.

For me, the build quality and the SQR hub really stand out. The wireless wheel worked seamlessly for me with no issues over almost 5 days of driving, tweaking, and poking around. I enjoyed pumping in lap after lap and had no problem improving my pace consistently.” – Richard Baxter, G-Performance

Boosted Media Simucube 2 Sport & Pro

“Ultimately, regardless of which path you decide to take, you love it. They’re all great products at the end of the day and I’m very excited not only to see what future improvements can be made, but what other companies bring to the table in the not too distant future.” – Will Ford, Boosted Media

Sim Racing Paddock Simucube 2 Pro

“Bottom line, I think the Simucube 2 is truly an excellent wheel and is one of the best performing Direct Drive wheels when it comes to performance to price ratio. It is easily going toe to toe with Simsteering’s wheels, for roughly half the price! Add in the features like the streamlined design and wireless wheel support, and that gives us a wheel that is easy to recommend for someone jumping into the high-end market.” – William Marsh, Sim Racing Paddock

SSR Simracereviews Simucube 2 Sport

“The Simucube 2 Sport is the entry-level direct drive wheelbase within the Simucube lineup. But this is also the best wheel base in the line-up, and should the Sport be the wheelbase you buy. I`ve spent a lot of time with this wheelbase, and hopefully m in-depth review will help you decide” – Felix König, SSR