Simucube Partners

We’re proud to work with top level professionals in sim racing and in many motorsport series.

AntonioGiovinazzi / Le Mans winner

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar legend

Sting Ray Robb / IndyCar driver

Rhys Tatterson / Drift driver

Team Redline / Sim racing team

Heikki Kovalainen / F1 & rally driver

Daniel Morad / GT driver

Charlie Martin / GT Driver

words from kanaan & morad on simucube activepedal

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar Legend

Simucube ActivePedal, if you haven’t experienced it you are missing out. It’s the most realist brake pedal I’ve ever driven on a sim. The closest to reality and more consistent than my real race car as the active system is so accurate.

Daniel Morad / Professional GT-driver

The pedals are the most important input tools that a driver needs to extract the maximum out of a race car. Precision braking with a long and controlled pedal throw used to be impossible to achieve together. The Simucube ActivePedals solve that problem with flying colours.

Not only is it the most precise pedal, but it also has the ability to become any pedal you want. I can easily change from the Mercedes AMG GT4 pedal settings to the Mercedes AMG GT3 pedal settings with a simple click of a button. It also simulates ABS perfectly. It truly is a one to one experience and really helps me prepare for my real races.