A buyer’s guide to high-end sim racing wheelbases

This guide helps you choose the right high-end wheelbase for your virtual racing. Learn the key differences between wheelbases in sim racing – and get key tips for making the best purchase.

Why consider purchasing a high-end sim racing wheelbase?

The wheelbase is the engine of your simulator. It turns racing from a game into a more lifelike experience. A high-end wheelbase lets you feel more track details and catch slides better with enhanced feedback.

A quality wheelbase is strong and reliable. It feels the same every time, letting you focus on driving. No worries about changes in feedback – just pure focus on pushing your limits. This helps you control the car better and recover from grip mistakes in corners.

What is a premium sim racing wheelbase?

A premium wheelbase replicates the force feedback signal from the simulator accurately, without interference or quality issues. Think of it like a speaker producing clear sound or a camera capturing true colors. The goal is to reproduce the car’s movement signals into steering wheel actions as they come from the simulator software or modify them exactly as you want.

All premium wheelbases use Direct Drive technology, connecting the steering wheel directly to the wheelbase shaft with a quick release system. The quality of the unit sets apart premium, mid-level, and standard bases.

Why do high-end wheelbases cost more?

High-end wheelbases cost more due to better materials, latest technology, and precise engineering. They last longer and feel smoother and more authentic. You can tweak the settings to fit your style and different racing sims. The extra cost brings you closer to real-world racing.

Premium high-end wheelbases use advanced industrial motor technology, not standard game controller technology. Achieving this level needs expensive signal processing, craftmanship, components, materials and quality control.

Why pay more? You get more from your game. Feel the car better through the wheel. React faster to road changes. Gain confidence as you sense everything between the car and the road.

Is a high-end wheelbase for you?

Deciding on a high-end wheelbase? Here’s how to know if it’s for you.

  • You love real racing and/or competitive feeling
    Want realistic driving experience with precise control? High-end wheelbases offer better force feedback and more immersive racing.
  • You appreciate long-term value
    High-end wheelbases last longer. They may cost more upfront but save money over time. Many experienced racers wish they had invested in quality gear from the start.
  • You try it and it feels good
    Experience a high-end wheelbase if you can. The difference in performance is significant and can enhance your racing.
  • You share the point-of-view of other high-end customers
    Read reviews from other high-end sim racers. Their experiences can help you understand the benefits and improvements.
  • You are committed
    Are you serious about sim racing? If it’s more than a casual hobby and you spend hours racing each week, a high-end wheelbase is worth considering.

You don’t need to meet all the criteria, but the more boxes you tick, the more a high-end wheelbase makes sense. If you’re dedicated to sim racing and want lasting, high-performance equipment, a high-end wheelbase is a smart choice. It offers better performance, durability, and an immersive experience. Investing in quality now will enhance your sim racing for years.

How to compare high-end wheelbases and decide which is right for you?

When comparing high-end wheelbases and trying to decide the one to purchase, focus on the following key factors.

Build quality

A high-end wheelbase is resistant and made from long-lasting quality materials. It keeps running during your race. Quality wheelbases come with a long warranty, so you can trust on getting help if needed. You can also check, how brands handle customer support, so are they reliable. These cases can usually be found on sim racing discussion forums, like Discord or Reddit.

If you are passionate about sim racing and you are committed to improving your talents, your wheelbase must be durable and reliable. It should handle long races and practice sessions without breaking down, and then keep you in the game.


Good software is a game-changer. It feels intuitive for you to use, and there are the features you need when racing. Easy customization adds value and lets you tweak the settings without a hassle.

Proper calibration and software configuration are key for the best performance. Software like Simucube’s TrueDrive and Tuner lets you fine-tune your setup. Correct setup unlocks the wheelbase’s full potential and enhances your racing experience.

If you take the time to set up your wheelbase correctly, you can unlock its full potential and enjoy a more immersive experience form the race. The tools in the software help you ensure that your wheelbase performs at its best.

Torque (Nm)

Torque measures the wheelbase’s resistance, and it is in Newton-meters. More torque means stronger, more realistic feedback. High torque is needed for simulating cars without power steering, like Indy cars.

Torque slew rate

Slew rate is the wheelbase’s response speed. A high slew rate means you feel every track detail and grip change faster. This helps you react quickly and stay in control.

Force feedback detail

Higher force feedback detail means smoother, precise force effects. When force feedback detail is higher, you can feel the small changes in road texture and tire grip.


High-end wheelbases offer great performance but are expensive. Decide your budget first. Find a balance between power and affordability.

For example, Simucube offers three wheelbase options (see the table below) all in different price ranges, so there’s something for everyone.

Wireless wheel support and wheel compatibility

Consider of purchasing a sim racing wheelbase compatible with your desired sim racing steering wheels or choose a brand that offers an ecosystem of compatible wheels for future upgrades.

Simucube wheelbases, for example, are known from their versatility. With Simucube Quick Release Wheelside Kit, they can be used with a wide range of steering wheels, allowing you to customize your setup to match your racing preferences.

Compatibility Considerations

  • Ensure your wheelbase integrates with your PC.
  • Check compatibility with your chosen games. High-end wheelbases are best for games simulating cars without power steering, providing realistic resistance and feedback. You can check compatibility with the seller if you are unsure.
  • Ensure your sim racing rig can handle the wheelbase’s weight and torque. Check mounting options. Simucube offers a Simucube Mount for easy setup.

What features to compare between different wheelbases?

Here we have gathered a table, what you could use when comparing different wheelbases to each other. We have listed Simucube 2 Sport, Simucube 2 Pro, and Simucube 2 Ultimate, and compared their functionalities to each other.

Feature  Simucube 2 Sport  Simucube 2 Pro  Simucube 2 Ultimate 
Motor Type  Direct Drive, Ultra low torque ripple   High response, Ultra low torque ripple   Maximum response, Low inertia, Ultra low torque ripple  
Wireless Wheel Support  Yes   Yes   Yes  
Max Torque  17 Nm  25 Nm   32 Nm 
Max Torque Slew Rate  4.8  Nm/ms  8.0  Nm/ms  9.5 Nm/ms 
Angle Sensor  22 bit absolute   22 bit absolute   24 bit Hiperface  
Power Supply  280 W   R2 1 x 450 W Peak   1000 W  
Torque Slew Rate Adjustment   1 – 4.8  Nm/ms  1 – 8.0  Nm/ms  1 – 9.0  Nm/ms 
Torque Reconstruction Processing  Yes   Yes   Yes  
Static Force Reduction  Yes   Yes   Yes (Detailed Adjustment)  
Natural Damping, Inertia & Friction Filters  Yes   Yes   Yes  
Ultra Low Latency Mode  No   No   Yes  

Simucube wheelbases have been on the market for a while, but they still get updates and improvements today, like the iRacing 360Hz update. This ongoing development shows their quality, always evolving and ready to get even better.

This is also a feature, you could think on, when thinking about purchasing a long-lasting wheelbase.

In conclusion

Investing in high-end sim racing equipment transforms your experience into a lifelike simulation. Choosing the perfect wheelbase and setting it up correctly is crucial for your whole sim racing set up. User manuals and online guides are available, and customer support can assist if needed.

You can buy premium sim racing gear from specialized online retailers or directly from manufacturers. Brands like Simucube offer detailed product information and reliable support. Testing Simucube products at various locations can help you make the right choice for you.

You can also engage with the vibrant sim racing community through forums, social media groups, and virtual races. Simucube’s Discord community is a great resource for connecting with others and changing thoughts and ideas regarding sim racing gear.

By selecting the right wheelbase, setting it up properly, and joining the community, you can elevate your virtual racing performance to new levels.

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