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Simucube activepedal downloads and documentation

Simucube Tuner
(ActivePedal Software)

Download Simucube Tuner to configure your ActivePedals.


Simucube ActivePedal
User Guide

Download Simucube Tuner to configure your ActivePedals.

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Simucube 2 downloads and documentation

Drivers (True Drive)

True Drive is a driver and configuration software for all Simucube 2 devices. True Drive is required to configure and use Simucube 2.


GSI x Simucube Dash Software

Please find all required links and downloads to fully take advantage of the GSI x Simucube Formula Pro Elite.

GSI DASH V1 Gsi control center

Simucube 2 Wheelbase Dimensions

Simucube 2 Sport Dimensions
Simucube 2 Pro Dimensions
Simucube 2 Ultimate Dimensions

Simucube 2 Limited-Warranty Documentation

Simucube Mount Dimensions & Guides

Simucube Mount Dimensions
Simucube Mount Drilling Guide
Simucube Mount Manual
Simucube Mount Manual 2

Support Instructions and Developer Materials

Simucube 2 development materials are uploaded to our wiki page.
You may also find self-service instructions in our wiki.

Simucube 1 Software

All Simucube 1 software releases are uploaded to their dedicated wiki page.

Simucube 2 downloads and documentation