Get to Know Your Simucube Partner – series part 21, SIMTAG

Our trusted network of industry professionals is enabling drivers around the globe to experience Simucube products. We are excited to tell you more about this valuable network by introducing our Official Partners in more detail.

Simucube proudly present SIMTAG, one of Simucube’s Official Resellers!

SIMTAG x Simucube
SIMTAG is a Belgium based simulator manufacturing company founded by racing drivers and motorsport enthusiasts.
Our mission is to create products which closes the gap between simulation and real-life racing, which results in a sensational feeling about the connection of the car and the track. To ensure we are delivering the right feeling we are working closely with professional racing drivers like Laurens Vanthoor.
Customers trust us from all around the world providing them turn-key simulators with our Simtag Hydraulic Pedal Systems which are compatible with the Simucube 2.
SIMTAG x Simucube
It is our priority to satisfy every sim racer’ needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of products which represent our views and values in the industry.
Curious sim racers and motorsport followers who would like to try our simulators in person are welcomed at our Test and Event Center located at Circuit Zolder.
To find out more about our simulators, have a look at our ambassadors:
Dries Vanthoor – Audi Factory Driver
Jules Gounon – Bentley Factory Driver
Kelvin Van Der Linde – Audi Factory Driver
Laurens Vanthoor – Porsche Factory Driver
Mike Rockenfeller – Audi Factory Driver
Nestor Girolami – Honda Racing Factory Driver
Nick Foster – Professional race driver
Tom Coronel – WTCR driver
Company name: Simtag BV
HQ address: Belgium, 3550 Heusden-Zolder, Lochtemanweg 96/11.
Test and Event Center: Belgium, Circuit Zolder Paddock
Instagram: @simtagsimulators # simtagsimulators

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