Get to Know Your Simucube Partner -series part 1, Cranfield Simulation

Cranfield Simulation, Official OEM partner of Simucube.

Our trusted network of industry professionals is enabling drivers around the globe to experience Simucube products. We are excited to tell you more about this valuable network by introducing our Official Partners in more detail.

Simucube proudly presents Cranfield Simulation, one of Simucube’s official OEM Partners!

Founded in 1997 Cranfield Simulation is widely regarded as a global leader in fully immersive sustained motion cueing simulators. As part of Cranfield Aerospace Solutions, a commercial arm of Cranfield University, the team is in a unique position to combine both state-of-the-art engineering resources with world-leading academic research. The resulting simulators utilize patented technology derived from military solutions designed to train fighter jet pilots. Having delivered systems to over 20 different Armed Forces worldwide they are in a unique position to utilize this experience within the motorsport industry. Over the past decade, Cranfield Simulation has previously supplied systems to F1, NASCAR, and other professional race teams for driver training and testing.

Cranfield Simulation, Official OEM partner of Simucube.

The latest generation Formula Simulator is based on a real F1 mold and selects only the best components to offer an experience suitable for both professional driver training and luxury home entertainment installations. Not content with taking the crown of ‘ultimate home racing simulator’ for this Formula Simulator, the engineers at Cranfield Simulation have been busy developing a new compact simulator for the rapidly expanding home market…

The new compact GFQ Simulator takes the same premium approach, yet in a system designed to fit through a standard doorway. Combining both an aluminum extrusion base and steel tubular frame to handle the toughest endurance race over and over again, without any flex.

Customers can select the best components to most accurately reflect their real-world racing aspirations, and top it off with personal touches such as exterior paint colors and trim options.

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