Simucube 2 Sales Box Content Update

Simucube takes definitive steps towards providing plug-and-play solutions to the sim racing community.

Simucube 2 product line’s defining design philosophy has been high performance combined with ease of use. Thus, we have been thinking about our upcoming products and their effect on Simucube 2 product line with the same core philosophy. This change allows us to keep the Simucube 2 Sport and Pro pricing at the same level as before; even we have pressure from the component side cost increases.
As we are soon releasing our first steering wheel directly compatible with Simucube 2, we have decided to remove the Simucube Quick Release Wheel side parts from the Simucube 2 Sport and Pro sales boxes. The change concerns Sport and Pro, but Simucube 2 Ultimate will still include the Simucube Quick Release Wheels side parts.
While we have kept the focus on the core values that define our products, we have also communicated this change with several of our stakeholders, especially the steering wheel manufacturers that share the same vision and values with us. Several of them have taken the initiative to improve customer experience similarly, thus you can expect to be soon able to purchase your desired steering wheel with the Quick Release Wheels side parts attached directly to the wheel.
At the same time, we have updated the Simucube 2 sales box to a more rugged version, with ease of use in mind from both the production line and end user’s point of view.
This change has taken place in all Pro and Sport units that are to be shipped out from week 36/2021 and onwards as these parts will soon become superfluous within the package of Simucube 2.
Simucube 2 Quick Release Wheel Side kit V2 will remain separately purchasable.
For more information on stock and availability, please contact your chosen Simucube reseller for more information.
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