Challenging the norms

Value life above all

Work-life has a large role in person’s life experience. Therefore we believe the company has the responsibility of treating employees as living, thinking, and feeling beings. Our collective goal is no less than to make the career at Simucube to be the most valuable investment in person's life satisfaction.

Superior Dynamic Range

Build rock solid things

We're thrilled to build products that are blissful to use and eco-friendly. Simucube products are built like a tank to maximize their longevity, and still be 99% recyclable. Likewise sincere focus is paid to ethical manufacturing processes.

Live in symbiosis with our community

Our passion is largely fueled by direct interaction with Simucube customer community and fans. When we take good care of customers, customers will take good care of us.

Be a role model

There is nothing like Simucube company out there, and that's pity. As we feel pride in our ways of working, we strive to make a positive dent also outside of us. Just by being a successful role model company, our ways and values will eventually influence other employers, consumers and even our rivals.

Direct Drive Force Feedback

Create sim racing experiences remembered forever

Pushing boundaries in sim racing equipment is the subject we are very passionate about. Just like leading race car drivers don’t follow the crowds, instead they show the way.

Grow antifragile

Simucube company and its values are based on infinite game mindset. To put it short, we keep people together and we have no exit plan.

The spirit of Simucube


We love to create sim racing experiences that are remembered forever.

Explore Simucube tech

Our spirit

  • Boldly go where no man has gone before
  • Trust instincts
  • Give love, receive love
  • Avoid prioritizing on profits
  • Avoid overanalyzing
  • Avoid avoiding all risks
  • Dream big: strive towards unexpected innovations
  • Lead the user experience in all fronts: performance, longevity and usability
  • Keep close with sim racing community

“Do the right thing with the superpower we have”

– Simucube motto

We hire to stay

Peek deeper inside Simucube and get to know our Crew members.

Open Careers

What we offer

  • Flexible working hours and remote work
  • Spacious working environment, old-school walled workrooms and ergonomic workstations
  • Professional tools/software of your choice
  • Phone benefit
  • Trusting and self steering atmosphere
  • Paid 30-minute mid-day stroll daily
  • Bicycle benefit (value max. €3600)
  • Exercise, culture, and wellbeing benefit (€400/year)
  • Extensive health care plan
  • Lunch
  • Commuting
  • All medical appointments paid work time
  • Quality sports items to borrow (padel rackets, SUP boards, snowshoes)
  • Company paid additional education of your choice
  • Space, time, and tools for self development
  • Professional tools and 3D printers for your hobby / DIY projects
  • Access to professional literature of your choice
  • Monthly take-out Friday events at the office
  • Annual rewards from successful work (e.g., extra holiday)
  • Office space and racing simulators available for personal use
  • Recruitment bonus for referrals
  • Thesis bonus for degree students

Employee benefits are subject to develop as we go.