Get to Know Your Simucube Partner – series part 28

Our trusted network of industry professionals is enabling drivers around the globe to experience Simucube products. We are excited to tell you more about this valuable network by introducing our Official Partners in more detail.

Simucube proudly presents Pole Position, one of Simucube’s Official OEM Partners!

Pole Position is a fully intergraded professional automotive events agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. With 30 years motorsports experience working with circuits and the local motorsports federation they have been instrumental in motorsports development.

Pole Position from Middle East is one of the Official OEM Partners for Simucube, integrating Simucube 2 Direct Drive force feedback wheelbases, such as Simucube 2 Sport, Pro and Ultimate wheelbases and other Simucube accessories in their racing simulators for sim racers.

Now with esports racing they are the first to market in the region with plans to further develop motorsports education and participation using the low barrier to enter of sim racing to further boost this. They intend to open multiple stores throughout the Middle East in the coming year as well as offer franchise opportunities for sim racing centers.

Contact: +971529390644 /
Facebook: @polepositionmiddleeast
Instagram: @p1_me

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