Realistic racing without the cost of real racing

A Simucube 2 wheelbase will give you that realistic driving experience without the cost of real-life track days, while scratching your competitive itch.

LEARN WHY TO UPGRADE shop wheelbases


Realistic racing without the cost

A Simucube 2 wheelbase will give you that realistic driving experience without the cost of real-life track days, while scratching your competitive itch.

LEARN WHY TO UPGRADE shop wheelbases

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Why upgrade to a Simucube 2 wheelbase

We understand sim racers are making an investment in their hobby when they choose Simucube, and we make sure to provide a premium customer service experience to go along with our premium products.

We’re thrilled to build products that are blissful to use, and built like a tank. It may be the case that when you buy a Simucube product, it will be the “last” upgrade you need. Our return rate for faulty products is under 1%, and when there is a fault, we take care of it.

Seeing a smile on the face of our customers is ultimately our biggest achievement. We innovate the sim racing industry so that sim racers can get the best gear available.

Why Simucube

We understand passion and have the skills for it. Simucube hardware is designed for those who demand the best from their racing simulator rig. Our goal is to provide you a competitive racing feeling to make you feel like you’re on the track.

motorsport professionals

Hear it from the professionals

“Since day one when I started taking sim racing more serious I had a Simucube 2 wheelbase. The force feedback, feeling and accuracy are extremely real. Nothing compares to it. I love it.”

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar Legend

The biggest issue I faced going from the real race car to the simulator was the lack of feeling and a sense of disconnect. Simucube 2 Ultimate solved that, providing me with an unmatched level of road texture, detail and quickness to make it feel like a one to one experience from the race car to the simulator.

Daniel Morad / Professional GT-driver


Pick your engine

The value option

Simucube 2 Sport

The Simucube 2 Sport is nothing short of amazing. The main difference is the lower force compared to the Simucube 2 Pro.



Simucube 2 Pro

Our most popular wheelbase used by high-end sim racers. Join over 30,000+ users in experiencing the best sim racing has to offer.


The ultimate experience

Simucube 2 Ultimate

Get the full ActivePedal experience with fully configurable brake, clutch and throttle pedals. The experience doesn’t get any better than this.



What do Simucube 2 buyers think?

As expected. Incredible wheeldrive, FFB at the top, userfriendly interface, top quality and performance. One of the best if not the best one on the market. Thanks for letting me enjoying sim racing at this level.

– Luca Tamagnoli

I can be very brief about the base….. if you own a fanatec base (my only real compensation) and you think there is no big difference between your csl dd and this. You are wrong. There is a world of improvement to be felt when you make the switch to simucube.

– Tim B.

Have been simracing over a decade and owned 3 wheels , with the SC2 Pro being my fourth, but first direct drive. It really has elevated my enjoyment to another level. I’m very happy I went this product over the other DDs now available in the market. The product is exceptionally robust (it weighs a tonne!) the software easy to use and having the ability to download and run profiles from main sims is amazingly convenient. Fantastic product and I can’t recommend it enough!

– Adrian

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Racers in all racing classes use our gear

We value our partnerships, ranging from long-term collaborations to one-time sponsorships, as well as essential reviewers who provide valuable feedback for our development and success.

Antonio Giovinazzi / Le Mans winner

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar legend

Mika & Max Salo / Former F1 driver and GT driver

Crimsix / Motorsports driver, former Esports Champion

Team Redline / Sim racing team

Heikki Kovalainen / F1 & rally driver

Daniel Morad / GT driver

Charlie Martin / GT Driver