All Simucube devices. one usb port.

Your hub to connect any new Simucube product

The Simucube Link Hub is the key to your Simucube rig. Connect all your Simucube gear and Simucube Wireless wheels through Simucube Link.

  • Occupies only one USB port
  • No connectivity issues
  • Free up spaces for other devices
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Before vs after

What does a rig with Simucube Link look like?

Making use of an ethernet switch, you will be able to use all your sim racing gear with only one USB port to your PC, protecting it from EMI.

USB Connected rig
link connected rig


What products make use of Simucube Link?

Simucube Link is already in-use with two of our products, Simucube ActivePedal and Simucube Valo GT-23. For future products, it will be sold separately, and you only need one Simucube Link to connect all your Simucube gear.




A robust, fast, and secure innovation

We all love USB, but it has its limitations. Many sim racers face a frustrating issue when connecting their gear via USB. USB, originally designed for keyboards and mice, falls short for demanding sim racing setups. It leads to problems like connectivity issues, lag, and even gear damage due to static electricity.


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SImucube Link comes included with the Simucube ActivePedal. If you want to make use of Simucube Valo GT-23 or any other new Simucube product released after 2024, you need Simucube Link

Yes, Simucube Link will be sold separately.

With Simucube Link, you no longer need to occupy multiple USB ports on your PC and you also eliminate the possibility of any damage caused by electrostatic build up.

Presently, Simucube ActivePedal and Simucube Valo GT-23 utilize Simucube Link technology.

Our future ecosystem will be based on Simucube Link.

No, Simucube 2 users do not need Simucube Link

Simucube Link will be available for sale in 2024.