Simucube ActivePedal Connector for Heusinkveld Sim Pedals

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The Simucube Connector is a cable that links one Heusinkveld pedal to the Simucube ActivePedal. By using the connector, you can adjust your passive pedals through the ActivePedal software.

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The Simucube ActivePedal Connector for Heusinkveld Sim Pedals is a high-quality connector cable with PCBA that allows you to attach any Heusinkveld Sim Pedal directly to Simucube ActivePedal, enabling you to use one single software. This product provides the user with the ability to detach the Heusinkveld brake pedal from their pedals and plug the Simucube ActivePedal in its place, offering a seamless experience.

Please note that the Simucube ActivePedal Connector connects only one Heusinkveld Pedal, so if you use both the throttle and clutch pedals, you will need two of these connectors.

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5 years