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Self-healing team spirit

People are human beings, not human doers

Treating people as a living, thinking, and feeling beings is the key to stability. In such culture people will stick together and go through a hard stone if deemed necessary.

Everyone’s got a voice

We strive to be the leading role model organization where the best idea will win, no matter who said it. The best idea shall not be stuck at a coffee table, but instead it can impact everything. This is so called leader-leader organization. This enables people to think and thrive at their fullest.

No exit strategy

Our resilience lies in operating everything with infinite game mindset. This is possible as Simucube is wholly owned and controlled by its employees. Thus we don’t have external investors or shareholders, and not planning to get any.

But does it work in the real-world?


We believe our economical stability is not just a pure coincidence. Let’s check the facts.

Company revenue in the year 2020 was 6.4 M€ with profit of 1.5 M€ with a workforce of 13 people. In the 2021 turnover was 15 M€ with profit of 5.5 M€ with a workforce of 20 people. That’s exceptionally well – top 1% of companies globally. As of mid-2022, we have 30 people and counting.

The results are supported by the fact that Simucube operates in megatrending e-Sports sector. Simucube has secured the market leader position in sim racing force feedback wheels – a critical part that every sim racer needs.

How we got there?


Watch the core concepts explained by world famous inspirational leaders: