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Simucube lovers

Here we showcase some of the leading drivers using Simucube products that can be open about it.

AntonioGiovinazzi / Le Mans winner

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar legend

Sting Ray Robb / IndyCar driver

Rhys Tatterson / Drift driver

Team Redline / Sim racing team

Heikki Kovalainen / F1 & rally driver

Daniel Morad / GT driver

Charlie Martin / GT Driver

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Simucube professionals

“Simucube’s hardware is simply the best I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot!), the feeling from the wheel and pedals is so detailed, plus it’s all very easy to adjust using their interface – it all makes for faster lap times in the real world!”

Charlie Martin / Professional GT-driver

“With Simucube products, I’m able to stay consistent, drive faster, and develop my driving skills. The app is so easy to use and I can tailor for whatever steering trace I want.”

Tony Kanaan / IndyCar Legend

“I only work with Simucube, because they are top-level company, and I always want the best quality products.”

Daniel Morad / Professional GT-driver


Sting Ray Robb – IndyCar Series Driver USA

“As a motorsport athlete, you have to go to the race track. You have to have the kart car – whatever it may be – in order to get that practice time. I’m only driving six months out of the year in real-life. The simulator gave time away from the race track in my home or where-ever I might be where I can develop that seat time.”

“Having a simulator that allows me to push the limits and feel that feedback, that detail, that comes from the Simucube 2 Ultimate, allows me to understand the consequences once I arrive at the race track.”
“That over-saturation and practise helps me to feel normal and active in the car when I get into the reality.”


Alex Dunne – British F4 Champion

“When I first started racing in cars, I felt a lot more comfortable jumping into one, even with no experience, just because of the amount of time I did on the sim.” “The main way I use Simucube 2 Pro in my training is to help me prepare for real-life. The force feedback through the wheel has helped me really feel and understand what the car is doing: whether I have oversteer, understeer, or I need to make change to the setup of the car.”

“Simucube helps me to achieve my racing goals by giving me a realistic environment when I’m on the sim. Helping me to prepare the best I possibly can for a race weekend is really really important. Simulators are a big part of motorsports nowadays, so having such good equipment to help me to prepare the best I can, is really beneficial.”

Le mans prototype (LMP)

Josh Pierson – LMP Racing Driver

“Once you go from karting to cars, a lot of the track time you get in karting stops: we don’t have that many sessions overall on track, so you don’t have a lot track time which doesn’t give you a lot of time to learn the tracks, and to figure out the car, but the sim really comes in handy.”

“Trying to replicate that feeling on a lot of sims can be really difficult, but Simucube – especially the Ultimate and the Pro – which I’ve used have both made that process really simple and really helped me to kind of fine-tune it and get it to a point where I feel I have the most realistic feeling and control over.” “No matter what you’re driving – whether i has power steering or not – you have a great deal of adjustment to make it feel as realistic to what you need as possible.”


Nicole Drought – Endurance Racing Driver

“To have Simucube there to be able to learn new circuits and where the undulations are, where the corners are at, how severe the kerbs are, is very important for me.”

“I use the Simucube 2 Pro to change the layout of the track, the tire pressures, fuel levels, and try to get the best possible strategy before the race weekend.”

“Simucube 2 Pro will do from karting level all-the-way up to professional racing driver level up to Le Mans 24 hour – whatever level it is you are competing at. It’s an impressive piece of kit – really high quality. Will probably do until the end of you racing career, which I hope is quite far away for me.”


Rory van der Steur – IMPC GS/GT4 Race Car Driver

“I’m on the sim almost every single day, where as in the car it’s maybe two–three times a month at max. Just because of the accessibility of a sim is so much easier. It takes an army to put a car on track, rather than jumping of my bed right into the sim.”

“Comparing the Simucube 2 Pro to real-life, it’s almost one-to-one, it feels very very similar. You can adjust the settings, so that it is the same, the feedback you have on the car as you do on the sim.”

“It really helps to drive as much as possible: learn the track, try different lines, look over data, and see where you can develop your time.”


Rhys Tatterson – Virtual Drift Champion

“After winning the 2021 Drift Masters Virtual Championship, I got to prove that as a sim drifter I can also handle a real professional drift car.”

“If I could compare the sim racing to the real racing experience, all I could say is that the steering response is pretty much exactly the same. I had to adapt to the G-forces and smoke, but after time, I got better at it and could understand what I was doing behind the wheel.”

“The Simucube wheelbase is the most valuable tool that I have. The feedback I receive way more detailed and refined. The steering wheel itself gives me good feedback at fast speed. It will help me develop new skills and experience when I go into the real world.”

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