Simucube & Heusinkveld Sport Bundle

SC2 Sport Bundle – Direct Drive Force Feedback Sim Racing Starter Bundle Pack for Thrill Seekers

Simucube Sport Bundle is the ideal start for Thrill Seeker Racers to enter the adrenaline-pumping Direct Drive Force Feedback Sim Racing experience and high-end Sim Racing.

Simucube 2 Sport 17 Nm Wheel Base bundled with Heusinkveld Pedals gives you the possibility to experience authentic racing anytime, anywhere as much as you want. Just add in a quality Sim Racing Steering Wheel of your choice and unleash your Racer’s Soul!

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Simucube 2 Sport


In stock

Simucube Mount

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedal Set of 2 - No Clutch


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Enter the World of High-Intensity Sim Racing

Built to produce a powerful 17 Nm of torque, the brushless motor provides consistent and smooth feedback.


Pedal to the Metal

Suitable for casual sim racers and professional eSports drivers.

Details & Specifications

Simucube 2 Sport Details


  • Wheel Base Dimensions incl. SQR: 130 x 130 x 250 mm
  • Mounting Holes: M8 x 4 pcs threaded hole
  • Mounting Hole Pattern DIA: 145 mm
  • Flange Centering Hole DIA: 110 mm
  • Wheel Base Weight: 8kg


  • Motor: Direct Drive optimized ultra low torque ripple motor
  • Wireless Wheel Support: Yes
  • Max Torque: 17 Nm
  • Max Torque Slew Rate: 4.8 Nm/ms
  • Angle Sensor: 22 bit absolute
  • Power Supply: 280 W
  • Torque Slew Rate Adjustment: 1 – 4.8.0 Nm/ms
  • Torque Reconstruction Processing: Yes
  • Static Force Reduction: Yes
  • Natural Damping, Inertia and Friction Filters: Yes
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What's Included

Simucube 2 Sport Wheelbase

  • Power Supply
  • All required cables
  • Standard Torque Off Button
  • Fixings for Wheel Base
  • Pin for Simucube Quick Release
  • Does NOT include: Simucube Quick Release Side Parts

Heusinkveld Sprint Pedal Set of 2 – No Clutch

  • Brake pedal
  • Throttle pedal
  • Set of Spacers
  • Adjustment Tools
  • USB-cable

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  • Platform: PC
  • Games: iRacing, Asetto Corsa, Asetto Corsa Competizione, F1, Dirt Rally, WRC 9 onwards & more
  • NOT Compatible the Following Games: Forza Horizon/Motorsport, Need for Speed titles, Art of Rally, Circuit Superstars, WRC 6 & 7, V-Rally, FM7 and FH3